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Faculty & Staff


Job title



Phone Number


Section Chief

Hsiu-Chin Chiu



1.Responsible for overseeing all purchasing related affairs

   and the promotion and implementation of various tasks.

2.Management of the papers

3.Material affairs section’s meetings, conferences and

   budgets data processingand managemnet

4.Cable TV subscription management.

5.Responsible for centralized purchasing

6.Assisting with write-off reviews


Hui-Min Cheng



1.Designated driver for the President.

2.Loan and management of the official vehicle.

3.Maintenance and repair of the official vehicle..

4.Other assigned tasks.


Chiao-Min Cheng



1.ssisting with purchasing contract affairs.

2.Purchasing request and management of forms

3.Assisting with education subsidy related affairs.

4.Management of the staffs dormitory

5.Campus PA system maintenance and broadcasting

6.Loan of the items (poster stand, cups, table towels, etc.)

7.Other assigned tasks.


Chih-Wen Ma



1.Assisting with purchasing contract affairs.

2.Assisting with the carving of official seals for dministrative


3.Motor vehicle/bicycle management: data registration/

   issuing of access pass/relevant auditing

4.Auditing and management of bicycles parked on campus.

5.Telephone service management: maintenance/ addition/

   change/bill handling

6.Management and maintenance of the Material Affairs

   Section webpage and email

7.Assisting with the decoration of venues for large events    

  on campus and preparation of lunch boxes/refreshments.

8.Other assigned tasks.